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Apprentice Application Process

At this time, we are taking applications by appointment only.
Please reach out to our Office
by calling 
805-688-1470 or emailing 
to schedule an appointment. 
Thank you!

Required Documents
Each Applicant must apply in person and must provide:

  • Valid Driver's License

  • Social Security Card

  • Birth Certificate

  • High School Diploma or GED (this is a requirement for our program)

  • DMV Driver History Report


Study Hall

The weekend before the Entrance Exam, we will offer a 3-hour Study Hall class where we will be discussing test taking strategies and review relevant test information. This Study Hall is not mandatory, but we highly recommend. Dates and times will vary for each Study Hall.​

Entrance Exam

Once the application process is complete, the Applicant will be notified of the next exam date.

  • Dates and times will vary for each exam.

  • Applicants must arrive early to sign-in prior to the scheduled start time.

  • Applicants will NOT be allowed to use cell phones during the exam.

  • The exam will consist of 50 questions, including pre-algebra math and reading based questions.

  • Applicants must score a minimum of 75% to obtain a scheduled interview.

  • Applicants who fail the entrance exam can reapply to take the next scheduled exam.


Upon successful completion of the math test, the Applicant will be scheduled for an interview with UA Local 114's Joint Apprenticeship Committee. The interview is based on questions that will give us an insight into whether an Applicant is suitable for the trade and can successfully complete the training. At this time, the Applicant is given an opportunity to ask questions.

Selection Process
An applicant will be rated according to the outcome of their interview and placed on our availability to work list.


This list is fluid; the top person on the list is the person with the highest rating received after the interview process. Therefore, while an applicant could be number one for a time, a new round of candidates might be rated higher and bump the applicant’s place on the list.

This is done so that Local 114 has the best possible candidates available at all times. An applicant will remain on the list for two years.


Potential apprentices will be brought in when we have employment available. Schooling will start at the beginning of the next semester.


Training is free. All books and materials are furnished at no cost to you. All terms and conditions of your apprenticeship agreement must be adhered to for continued participation in the program. Raises are provided yearly. 

  • All Apprentices work at a wage rate that is a percentage of the Journeyperson wage.

  1. 1st year 45%

  2. 2nd year 50%

  3. 3rd year 60%

  4. 4th year 70%

  5. 5th year 80%

Contractor Deadline


To sponsor a new Apprentice into the Piping Apprentice Program, please contact the Local Union Office.

Office:  (805) 688-1470


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