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Why join the UA? Are you looking for a career that provides you with good wages, healthcare and retirement security?  Are you an experienced professional looking for greater opportunities in your field?  As Members of the United Association, we build and keep America running every day.  Our Members work in a wide variety of industries — residential markets, commercial buildings, large and small industrial projects, pipeline and shipyards — and pursue many different career paths, including roles such as Foreman and Superintendent, Project Manager, and even Contractor Owner.


Members of the United Association have the opportunity to obtain an Associate's or Bachelor's Degree, along with industry-recognized certifications, by taking advantage of the ongoing training opportunities provided by the UA — at little or no cost to you. Earn while you learn — there is no limit to what you can achieve!

Becoming a Member of UA Local 114 is easy. If you have more than five (5) years of provable experience, we would love to be able to sit down a talk with you.


Please give our Office a call at 805-688-1470 or email at

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