Our Staff

Office Staff

Business Manager

Michael Lopez

Organizing / Business Development

Nickolas Harvey

Office Manager

Ashleigh Marino


Labor Representatives:

  • Committee Member: Michael Lopez

  • Committee Member/Recording Secretary: David Elizalde

  • Committee Member: Robert Wulff

  • Committee Member: Steve Dunlap

Management Representatives:

  • Committee Member: Charlie Carroll

  • Committee Member: Andrew Reys

  • Committee Member: Gary Mosel

  • Committee Member: Brian Sanders


  • DAS Advisor: Richard Robles

  • LAUSD Advisor: Oscar Meier

  • Alan Hancock Advisor: Margaret Lau

Officers of the Local


Robert Rivas

Vice President

William F. Thorpe

Recording Secretary

Travis Mielke

Executive Board


Mike Furtado

Sasha Stevens

Parker Evenson

Nickolas Harvey

Finance Committee


Paul Ionata

Nathan Bates

Todd Thompson

DC-16 Representatives


Michael Lopez

Charlie Hall

Robert Rivas

Tri-County Building Trades Delegates

Michael Lopez

Nickolas Harvey

Robert Rivas

Bill Thorpe Sr.

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