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“An appeal for donations on behalf of Brother Tyler Carroll, 3rd year Apprentice of Local 625"

Tyler was struck by a vehicle on the Interstate while trying to help someone trapped in their vehicle from a wreck on May 4th, 2021, as Tyler was on his way home from work and being a good Samaritan. Tyler has been on a ventilator and had to receive multiple bags of blood. Tyler suffered two broken legs, broken arms, wrists, ankles, and heels, every major bone in his body took the blunt of the impact.

Tyler then had surgery on his left leg. His left leg was completely mangled, the hospital had surgery to get the blood flow back into his left leg. Unfortunately, per several injuries they have had to amputate his left leg above his knee.

Tyler still has a long way to go with healing, his other broken bones, rehabilitation with learning to walk again with a prosthetic, and many surgeries and medical bills.

Your contributions and prayers for this Brother will be greatly appreciated to help Brother Carroll in the mounting medical bills, and care.

Michael Rhodes, Business Manager Local 625”

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