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Breslin Library JUT Classes


Dear Contractors & Local Unions,

The A&J recently sent out an email on February 9, 2023 to all journey workers about the Breslin Library classes: "Survival of the Fittest", "The Partnership" and "Leadership."

These classes offer journey workers the ability to attain 8 hours of JUT credit with ease, comfort and on their own time through the use of online learning.

In the email we provided a simple 1-click sign up process that is valid until February 17, 2023. As of today, the A&J has received 221 submissions through the 1-click sign up. Journey workers are always welcome to sign up for Breslin Library classes at any time through the A&J website.

For reference, a PDF copy of the email sent to our journey workers regarding the Breslin Library classes is easily accessible through the link provided below.

Breslin Library Flyers

Access the promotional flyers for classes in the Breslin Library using the links provided below.

Apprentice & Journeymen

Training Trust

(310) 604-0892

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