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Free College for UA Members and their Famlies

January 28th, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

I have been seeking alternative ways to connect with the petroleum industry. One of these “thinking outside the box” opportunities was to attend the “Metal Trades Convention” last October. I was there to learn options that no one at DC-16 had the answers too. Needless to say, the trip was very interesting, and I learned a lot.

While I was there, I discovered that the “Metal Trades Union” had a “College Benefit” that was just awesome! (For those of you that do not know, the Metal Trades are a separate Union and they are signatory to the UA.) This program is not only for all Members in good standing but for their spouses, children, grandchildren and financial dependents!!! I approached the representative from Eastern Gateway Community College, Tim Ryan, and questioned why this benefit was not also offered to those of us in the UA??? I was told that Mark McManus was considering this “Free College Benefit” and should be deciding soon.

At that point I made it my mission to campaign to every UA staffer I could find and shake their hands and push for this benefit for us.

I received a call last night from Tim Ryan of Gateway Community College, he informed me that indeed UA General President Brother McManus did sign this benefit package. Apparently, I made such fuss that the UA is releasing this program to UA Local 114 first! I am enclosing three flyers with this letter and will have this info posted on our web site. Please do check this out, this is a tremendous opportunity.

The rest of the UA should be receiving this information by the end of next month.

Happy New Year!

Yours in Brotherhood,

Michael G Lopez

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