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High Speed rail in jeopardy.

Please see this letter from the state building trades. How can you help. Call the sponsor and tell them you oppose the bill. Send a letter to your assembly person. You can use the attachment here as a format to send.

AB 3213 (Rivas) - Oppose
Download DOCX • 21KB

BUILDING TRADES BULLETIN May 7, 2020 ACTION REQUESTED! Opposition Letters Needed Against AB 345 (Muratsuchi) and AB 3213 (Rivas) Attached are opposition letters written by the State Building Trades against two current Assembly bills: AB 345 (Muratsuchi) and AB 3213 (Rivas). Both bills will destroy Building Trades jobs in the State of California. One will remove funding for high-speed rail projects in the Central Valley where over 2,000 Building Trades members currently work. The other will destroy Building Trades jobs in refineries and oil fields. Please help us save these jobs by opposing these anti-blue-collar worker bills. AB 345 (Muratsuchi), if enacted, would lead to the elimination of thousands of highwage industrial union construction jobs in California’s refineries and oil fields, increase the cost of living for millions of Californians, and result in further dependence on foreign markets to meet our oil and gas needs. AB 3213 (Rivas), if enacted, would require the California High Speed Rail Authority to prioritize projects based upon the whims of the legislature. This would lead to the diversion of funds from sections currently under construction in the Central Valley and threaten the over 2,000 jobs held by construction workers on the projects. We ask that you consider copying the letters onto your organization’s letterhead and personalize them as you see fit. Once completed, please email them to Brooke Patton ( for submittal to the appropriate legislators/committees. Thank you in advance for your response.

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