JUT New Year!

Recently the A&J sent out an email regarding some of the upcoming classes, on Saturday, September 25th they sent a campaign to all membership encouraging everyone to sign up for A&J classes. This is only a snippet of all of the classes they are offering. If you're are not available for these dates, please check their website.

9.25.2021 - This campaign highlights classes until the end of the year. We are not limited to just these classes as we are planned out until December 2022, we still have more classes to come.

Remember there are 16 JUT hours due by August 31st, 2022. It is vital that you get these done now so you're not in a rush at the last minute.

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ENJOY YOUR SUMMER! GET JUT DONE NOW!! THERE ARE LESS THAN 90 DAYS TO COMPLETE 16 JUT HOURS FOR THE 2021/2022 JUT YEAR! 16 JUT hours are due every August 31st ClickSafety classes WILL NOT be available