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JUT Policy Temporary Addendum: Vaccination

Dear Members,

Together, we have been through many stages and challenges due to the COVID-19 pandemic and recovery. It is now widely recognized, the ability to provide a vaccinated workforce may benefit you, some of our construction industry clients and end users. In an effort to underscore this benefit, a temporary addendum to the Journeyman Upgrade Policy will grant 8 hours of JUT credit for members who are already fully vaccinated or receive the necessary dose(s) to become fully vaccinated. Attached please find the temporary addendum, which highlights eligibility requirements as well as submission procedures. Please e-mail any questions regarding this temporary addendum to:

Involvement and submission of vaccination records is strictly voluntary. This addendum is offered solely in an effort to meet the demands of the current workplace; it may or may not reflect the views of either bargaining unit or its partners. In no way should the temporary addendum be considered or interpreted as a mandate.

Apprentice & Journeymen

Training Trust

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