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Local 114 2020 Charity

Good afternoon,

Last year Local 114 partnered with the Chumash Tribe and CASA to build bikes for children in the CASA program. I am delighted to report that the membership of Local 114 turned out to build 42 bikes last November.

I am reaching out to all of our contractors and members at this time to ask for your support for the 2020 bike build next November. Your contributions purchase the bikes and they are delivered to the hall in boxes, we take it from there. I am new to this game and did not realize that I needed to allow for more time for those so inclined to participate.

Please donate what you can to this worthy cause, we have even set up a website to make donations easy for you and you can use a credit card it is sorely needed in our community. If you would like to participate please send your check made out to "CASA" to us at Local 114, 93 Thomas Road Buellton CA 93427.

If you have any questions please give me a call.

Thanks for your support. The children of Santa Barbara appreciate it.

PS: Be sure your guys have your company shirts at the next build, it's good outreach!!


Sincerely, Michael G. Lopez Business Manager

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