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Mark Breslin JUT Class (8 hours)


The A&J sent out a notification about Leadership featuring Mark Breslin.

Leadership is eligible for up to 8 JUT hours; this class is the third volume in the Breslin series. It follows a similar format to Survival of the Fittest and The Partnership. It is done on Blackboard and broken down into modules.

On-Line. On Your Time. Self-Paced.


featuring Mark Breslin

It's time to elevate your leadership potential. To demonstrate a positive influence. To pull others towards you. To develop yourself for the next challenge. It's time.

Allow up to 72 hours for Blackboard login information and instructions to be e-mailed to you. This is an online and self-paced course. Leadership is eligible for up to 8 JUT credit hours.

How to Sign Up for Mark Breslin's Leadership Course

  1. Go to:

  2. Underneath the "Members" tab in the orange menu bar above; click the "Apprentice & Journeymen Login" button in the dropdown menu or click here:

  3. Enter your email, member ID, and password, in the appropriate fields and press "Log In"

  4. Click “Class_Data” and select the "Journeymen Class Sign Up" option

  5. Click the “Sign Up” link next to "Leadership" under the courses listed.

Apprentice & Journeymen

Training Trust

(310) 604-0892

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