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Skilled & Trained Class!

Skilled & Trained

Last Chance!!!

Skilled & Trained Plumber student enrollment is exceptionally low and the class is in danger of being canceled.

Please send any authorization forms to the Skilled & Trained email ( by Friday - December 8th, 2023.

Reminder - Authorization forms are required from Local Unions to enroll members.

Class 1: Skilled & Trained Plumber

Starts On-Line: 01.08.2024

Class 2: Site Sewer & Storm Drain

Starts On-Line: 01.08.2024

Class 3: Non-Industrial Pipefitter

Starts On-Line: 01.09.2024

Want to read more information about Skilled & Trained?

Aids our members and signatory contractors to become compliant with Assembly Bill 3018 for public works projects.

Skilled & Trained classes run for 18 weeks in alignment with the evening apprenticeship semester.

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