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Support Our Endorsed Candidates by walking door to door

Updated: Aug 9, 2021

We need Local 114 members to step up and help out with weekend canvassing. See the information below on how to sign up.

Click on the link

...Vote NO on the Republican Recall Canvass in Santa Barbara · Mobilize. People can sign up on the Mobilize link, or RSVP to me directly (, 415-418-4713). Or you can just let me know approximately how many will be coming.

  • Saturday canvassing | 10am to ~2pm | 123 East Carrillo St, Santa Barbara CA 93101

  • Sunday canvassing | 1pm to ~5pm | 123 East Carrillo St, Santa Barbara CA 93101

PHONE BANKING We also have phone banking available on Wednesdays from 5:30pm to 8:30pm, and people have the choice to phonebank in-person at 123 East Carrillo, or online via zoom. People must RSVP to me directly (, 415-418-4713), or you can let me know how many people will be there on a specific day, because we are only prepping phone banks if people have RSVP'd.

All of these times are coordinated with the SB Dem Party and their full line of candidates, but anyone you bring is free to canvass/phone bank only for Cathy and your other endorsed candidates.

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