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Survival of the Fittest, Is Waiting For You!

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The truth is that the Union Construction Industry needs you!

This program is an investment in you: your career, earnings, security, and happiness. It is also an investment in your Union, your contractors, and the industry. The content is really important. The need to have great Union professionals on the jobsite has never been more important.

The truth is that the Union Construction Industry needs you.

Union Construction needs your commitment, pride, and effort. Union Construction needs your dedication, focus, and discipline. You are, right this minute, the most important person in determining the future of Union Construction. That future impacts everyone in our industry as well as your families.

To complete this program, there has to be a payoff, right? Well, hopefully, in return for the work and investment in you, rewards are waiting: more money, more opportunity, more respect, more satisfaction - both on and off the jobsite.

  • Online

  • On Your Own Time

  • 16 Self-Paced 30 Minute Modules

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