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Who's Doing Your Work?!

There might be some confusion as to who is supposed to do what. The Pipe Trades has been under assault from sheet metal who has been increasingly doing more of our work. As the amount of ducting seems to be on the decrease one can understand why they are embracing this tactic. However, that's not our issue. What is our issue is that each discipline stays in its own lanes. UA guys are forbidden to fabricate or install ducts, got it? Sheet metal guys are only supposed to do ductwork. They are not supposed to participate in any of the following work per our Master Labor Agreement:

"A.26 The setting, calibrating, erecting, and piping of instruments, measuring devices, thermostatic controls, gauge boards, and other controls used in connection with power, heating, refrigerating, air conditioning, manufacturing, mining, and industrial work."

"A.37 All piping, setting and hanging of all units and fixtures for air conditioning, cooling, heating, solar systems, roof cooling, refrigeration, ice making, humidifying, dehumidifying, dehydrating, or by any method, and the charging, testing and servicing of all work after completion."

To add a bit of clarity I have also attached a letter (You can click the button below) from the Department of Apprentice Standards that reminds us that the HVAC guys simply do not have the training to do this work. But we do.

As the new green technology is coming whether we like it or not, we may all be facing the issue of dwindling opportunities to perform our trade. Let's not give away what we have fought and negotiated to keep. Do not hesitate to call Business Manager Michael Lopez if you have any questions. I hope you find this helpful.

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